MR. from fukuoka



Made in Japan! 安全・信頼性・職人さんの技術面を活かしつつ、福岡のクリエイターとのコラボレーションによる温かさを感じられるようなライフスタイルを世界へと発信いたします。




We have a strong commitment to offering high quality products.Our Concept and values are based on simplicity and fun. We strive to offer a variety of products that combine comfort with natural materials that will enrich your daily life.

Our products are centered round collaboration with a Fukuoka designer that will provide a fresh element into your lifestyle. All products are made with care and strong Kyushu pride in which quality, reliability and safety of our products can be assured.

The comfort and safety delivered by our exceptional products are a true reflection of the passion, experience and tradition of high quality Japanese craftsmanship.

We deliver around the world, please contact us and we will endeavor to satisfy your specific needs. Our pledge is to offer satisfaction in all products to customers of all ages around the globe.